Play a random sound with variables

Okay so i dont know if this is a feature already i looked hard the the documentation and didnt find anything so a feature i would like is a feature where you can make a variable and then use the variable for example play sound so it would be like this you have 3 sounds
and you have a variable called “sound_play_” and you make it a randomfloatinrange(1,3)
then you play the sound what ever codition then in “play sound file” you put play(walk(scenevariable(sound_play_)))
this would make the sounds play randomly but like i said i dont know if it is a feature but just a request tell me if i explained badly because i tend to do that a lot thanks for your time :smile:

Not randomfloatinragne but RandomInRange

RandomFloatInRange(0.2,4.7) for decimals
RandomInRange(1,9) for full numbers

And you could make variable RandomSound set it to RandomInRange(1,3)

If RandomSound = 1
Play Walk1

If RandomSound = 2
Play Walk2

If RandomSound = 3
Play Walk3

And you got exactly what you requested just done manually

oh okay i think i understand now thanks