"Play Animation" action replaced by "Resume Animation"?

I’m a little bit confused. :thinking: I’m pretty sure there was an action named “Play Animation”, which I used a lot, months ago, while creating my platformer character. I’ve just looked at the animation actions list and saw that this action doesn’t exist anymore and there’s this “Resume Animation” action.
In the events sheet, there’s still the “Play Animation” action in the places I’ve put it, but not in the actions list.
The platformer character is apparently still working. I didn’t find any bug in its movements or animations. Should I leave it that way or should I replace all the “Play Animation” actions with “Resume Animation”?
Thanks in advance for any information! :smile:

Did you look at the action list to see if the action was renamed?

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Yeah, I did. On the events sheet, I clicked on “add action” and searched for an action named “play animation” . There was no action with that name there. Unless there is another way to check the actions list, I think “play animation” was taken away. Or maybe renamed as “resume animation” (considering I’m not sure if the action “resume animation” was there before, I think it’s possible).
But it’s funny that the “play animation” actions that I added, months ago, are still there.
Is “play animation” still in your actions list when you use GDevelop on your PC? Is there any other way to see the actions list, and find out which ones were renamed?

I don’t know about your last question, is there a way to see renamed actions. Probably means reading What’s New or some similar documentation. I do read What’s New but I kind of skim and only pertinent bits to me jump out so I don’t recall if I saw renamed animation actions.

But as to your question about Play Animation action still there: Not on my pc (updated GDevelop). However it does have Resume Animation. Yet on my macbook (non updated GDevelop for ease of creating undeclared variables and still having their names show up in suggestion boxes), there is an action to Play Animation and there is not an action to Resume Animation.

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Yes, sorry, indeed the action was renamed as you said, but here, a new action replaced it that works for both sprites and models that why the action you added doesn’t have the new name.

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I always read the “what’s new” messages too but I dont remember if they mentioned anything about renaming this action. I’ll probably have to use this action again when I start making the Bosses for each stage but not for the player, as its animation logic is already done. I dont think there will be any issue using the “resume animation” from now on but I hope there won’t be any problems with the parts where I already used it with the old name “play animation”. I’m kinda suspicious just because it still has the old name in the parts where I put the action. I hope it doesnt suddenly break the game in the next update. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Oh, I think I get it… The action that replaced the old “play animation” is slightly different because it works for “models” too, right?
I just hope that keeping the action with the old name in the events sheet doesn’t break the game after the next updates. Or maybe I should avoid updates until this game is completely done, I dont know. But if it creates any issue later, I’ll probably just have to replace the old action with the new one.

By the way, which version of GDevelop do you use in your macbook?

Using the old action won’t be an issue.

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On my macbook I’m using 5.1.160. I’m not doing anything 3D right now so it hasn’t mattered. I can get the bulk of the logic done on the macbook. And once I open the project file in my updated GDevelop, all the variables I’ve created only in the event sheet (not in objects or scene variable list etc) on my macbook will show up as suggestions in the new version too. Then I can expand, fine tune, export or w/e with the benefits of the new GDevelop. So it’s a nicer work flow.

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