Play Multiple Animations At Once

Okay Question: so I am making a rpg game and i have a run, jump, attack,slide etc animations and i want to be able to run and right when i click to activate the attack animation i dont want my character to stop running. I can only use the attack button if i am stopped is there a way to fix this.

You can use event like

Player is not moving ----------
---------------------------------------Change the animation of player to attack
Left mouse button down ------

It sounds like your walking animation causes your attack animation to not be displayed. That is, your character actually plays attack animation, but it gets reset to walking animation in same frame.
Similiar to Ruhan’s post, you need to add "if player animation is NOT “Attacking” condition in your move animation before changing it.

This tutorial will help you in avoiding such problems in the future:

Hi, the same problem happens to me, I just started using GDevelop and checked the tutorial, but I don’t seem to actually find out how to fix it. I tried adding the ''If player animation is NOT “Attacking” statement but it still stops the attack animation in the first frame.

Hi Eliath, not sure if you’re still stuck, but at your “Character is moving” and “Character is NOT moving” events, create a sub event with Trigger Once, and move the “Set animation of Character to “Run”” and “Set animation of Character to “Idle”” to the sub events with Trigger Once. Hopefully!