Play Sound With Animation

I am trying to add voiceovers with animations with dialog tree, maybe video is an option, but i am not getting the desired result with it. I have tried using triggers-“when branch is visited”, the animation plays but not the audio. Any leads? Here is my event sheet:

Can anyone help?

Have you checked to see if the enemy_explosion.wav really has this name and archive type (.wav)?
If so, then is it on the same folder of the game.json?

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As a general rule, all sound events must have a trigger once as a condition. Otherwise they’ll try to start playing over one another and restarting every frame and you’ll never hear the actual audio. (This is generally true of animation events as well, but only if you’re changing animations)

Additionally, the dialogue event is “Has been visited”, not “Is visited”. Meaning that without a trigger once, it will be true every frame after that branch is visited for the first time.

that did the trick! thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile: