Play Video on Mobile Browsers and in Safari on Desktop

I’m trying to play videos in my game, but they don’t work on Safari and they don’t work on ANY mobile browsers. Is there anything I can do to fix that? I created a blank game that has only one event to test this, but I still don’t have any luck (even after reading this post).

So, you’re saying that you tried with a video that has no audio, and it still doesn’t work?

That is correct. I can not even get a video that has no audio to play.

There is an example project for the video object, can you try it?
I tried on network preview with my mobile, works on Chrome, works audio only on Firefox.

I was able to get my example working. The problem was that I left the default volume of 100 when adding the video object. Changing that to zero (even on a video with no audio) at least fixed the problem on Safari (Desktop and Mobile). I’ll keep checking on the other mobile browsers.

Good to know, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Posting this for my future self, but I now also have to add a mute event in order to get the video to play in ANY mobile browser

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