Player bouncing between Idle and jumping when idle

Other animations, i.e. Walking, Jumping, Falling work fine but when Player stops the animation is bouncing between Idle and jumping, each frame.

I am also still looking for a solution for
I press the “p” key and the animation plays.
I release the “p” key and the music starts.
Goal: Press “p” key to play the animation and the music until I take my finger off the key. Then animation reverts to Idle with no music playing.
I have the music on Channel 0

I’m mostly starting to get the hang of GD and the project is coming along. Then weird things happen!
Thank you for your help!

I figured out the music problem with “Trigger Once” condition!
I found it in the forums! Thanks!

I’m still having trouble with the Player Idle/Jumping animation glitch. :confused: :astonished: :blush:

Not sure why your events don’t work, but try to put the two events that set the animation to “Jump” as sub-events of another that checks the Player is not on the floor:

Player is on the floor: Player is not moving: "Idle" Player is moving: "Walking" Player is NOT on the floor: //There is an "Invert the condition" slider to invert the "Is on the floor" condition Player is jumping: "Jumping" Player is falling: "Jumping"
It should work with your code anyway, maybe the jumping/idle animations have different sizes?

The problem was hit box size of the player. I made it from knee hight to chest in most but not all the animations.
Live and learn!!
Thanks! :smiley: