Player character falling through platforms whilst crouching

Whenever I try to have my character crouch (by way of pressing the “Down” key), the animation sucessfully triggers and then the sprite falls through the platform.

My initial guess is that this is related to the control of the platform automatism (Press down, move through platform, etc.), if so is there any way to change this to something like “Double-press down, fall through platform - Press down, crouch”?

In case my suspicions are wrong, I’m enclosing pictures of the sprites (with hitboxes). Idle animation Crouching animation


The default platformer controls are Left, Right and Space (jump) with no control bound to down (pretty sure about that).

Can you screenshot all your events that involve character movement?

Here you go!

The player character also falls through the platform whenever the idle animation executes.

Idle Animation (Single Frame)

Updated event list