Player dont jump on Down Going Platform

Yes like this, but make those points for PlayerHitBoxForCharacter1 and not Hitboax.

So now i have to make a point floor for player hit box also

Yes, make that point for PlayerHitBox and not for Hitboax which probably is the hitbox of Platform.

Hey, is it fixed? (20 char)

So sorry for late reply .
Soo sorriii.
Its not working

@ChaudharySaboor Did it work?

That’s not how to use raycast.

You don’t repeat it for all DownOlatwpl. You send the raycast out once from the player using the DownOlatWpl as the target object type, and then you can use the “number of objects” function to check if any DownOlatWpl were hit by the raycast.

So just this:

But why raycast? Just create a point 8 pixels below your hitbox, and check if it’s inside a platform. It’s simpler and has better performance :


Just looking at your original problem.

First, you don’t need to iterate through each DownOlatWpl and check it collides with hitboax. When you do a collision check, GDevelop creates a list of objects that satisfy the collision condition.

Second, if you know the player’s hit a platform, just check if space is pressed and simulate jump.

So to fix the original non-jumping on platform problem, remove the repeats and add a subevent :

Ohhh thanks now it works thanks mrmen and mixen alot!!! You guys are the best prblm solver