Player dont jump on Down Going Platform

Hia! I have make a platform in which there is a sprite which goes down when our player Is on it . But when my player is on it it goes down but my player is unable to jump

Can you show your events?

Leave it bro i have left gdevelop cause my two games have gone coruupt every time i open them it says an autosave file exists and i say ok then it say Unable to open project check if that file exists or is it a proper file created with gdevelop while it is created with gdevelop

If it says your file is corrupted the don’t do click on OK when it shows this

If i didnt click ok it load a previous version in which i have only make 2 levels while i have made 5 and i save project regularly

OOOOh i found it out thanko bro now letus go to animation prblm

So, a platform moves down, right?

Yeah the platform moves down but my animation changes always and makes my player unable to jump

It’s because the Platform constantly moves down and doesn’t give the time for the Player to jump. Maybe you can do this:
Raycast Moving Platform from Player.PointX(“Floor”); Player.PointY(“Floor”) where the floor is the leg of Sprite
If Jump key is pressed
Simulate Jump Key for player

Hitboax is the hitbox which is located at the bottom our player hit box for detecting collision with platform like moving ones. And this is my code

I mean use Raycast.
A raycast is an invisible line that detects if something collides with it.
Here is a tutorial on how to use raycast:

But this doesn’t show how to solve your problem.

To solve your problem, send a raycast from a floor point of Player.

Learn how to send raycast from that video.
After that, check if jump key is pressed and simulate jump key for Player or PlayerHitbox

Done but still it does not jump

Show me how you did it, show your events.

Dont Laugh if i did it wrong i m just a beginner bro

Say your events and I think your max distance is wrong.
You should make a point in your HitBox that matches with PlayerSprite’s Legs. And send Raycast from there.

why i dont understand:sneezing_face::sneezing_face::sneezing_face:

Something like this:

Like this

Now send raycast from that point

Like this?