Player Falling Through Angled Platform

Me again, sorry!

This time my persistent issue is when my character is jumping onto an angled platform, he falls through, no matter what kind of collision (physics or other) I do. He just clips right through. It seems to happen more towards the ends of the platform than the middle. When I do get it to work with just using a platform situation, he seems to slide a bit, and then towards the end he ends up skipping/hopping without command. I do not have any even that moves him away or bounces him from the floor.

Anyone else run into this issue, and what was the solution? I’d like to have slopes that the player can navigate but I’m not sure why I can’t get the collisions and whatnot to work properly.

I haven’t had this issue. There are at least two example projects with angled platforms, one with physics, the other one with the platform behavior and both are working without problems. You can check them here:

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