"Player" floating when walking - HELP

Hey ALL,

I have a Platformer Game that I am creating and
My “Player” is floating when walking when I activate the Launch Preview screne. How is this happening? :confused:

You have asked earlier how to set the jump height of the player, my suggestion was to change the gravity and falling speed value. Maybe you set one or both value too low :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the hitbox is too big for the player? :confused: , make the hitbox fit the player size or make it even a slightly smaller.

It was the character I was using. I changed the “player” and now I don’t have that problem.

Can u explain to me how u fixed that cause i am having the same issue

@RubikWervz Hi, could you please make a new topic for your question? This topic is more than 5 years old and not every forum member from 2018 is still around here.