Player get stuck in the platform

When the player jumps sometimes he jumps from one platforms to another ant other times he is getting22 hit from the platform and stay in the same place and only flip sides.

Can you provide a screen shot of the events that control the collision between the player and platform? Otherwise we would be guessing at what the problem could be.

I solved the problem already iv asked from the website manager to delete the subject.
Thanks anyway.

Instead of asking to have the thread removed, can you post what the solution was, no matter how trivial? It could be someone else in future has the same issue, and your solution may be what works for them.

At first, I make the platform go down the screen by using force which make the player stock in the platform almost every time he’s tries to jump.
So I make the platform go down by using “change y position of an object …” and its solved the problem.

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