Player has to be both touching ground and in collision with object to be deleted

I’m trying to make it so when the player is touching an enemy the player has to be both touching ground and in collision with eagle and then it deletes the player and its not working.

heres the code i use

Add a “Trigger once” to the condition. It might be freaking out because it’s trying to delete the player each frame.

since there’s not a lot of info here, I’ll need you to check the obvious:
is the platform the player lands on, an object with Platform behaviour?
does the player change animation with different picture size when they are landing from a jump and on floor? (example: falling animation has higher Y size, 96, than ground animation which only 80 pixel tall)

@6Tylerbugs i am a beginner and i am practicing Gdevelop can you pls solve my little problem my player cant land on floor while previewing it stays on a height from ground its not touching the ground can you pls help

Check your hitboxes, you have blank/transparent space below your character, so it counts as hitbox by default. Click on the object and open the tab where you add animations > Bottom part > Edit Hitbox

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