Player/Hitbox Is Stuck Whenever I Add An Event To Change Scene/ A Main Menu Scene

So, I have started a projected, and got to the point where I wanted to add a menu… My hit box would get stuck in the initial spawn, location, and even when I deleted the new code, my game seemed broken… So I started all over from scratch and now the same thing is happening.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

Your game is looping on the scene change, I think.
Do = 5 to the Level variable before changing scene, it should fix it.

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YES! If I’m setting the Global Variable for “Level” to 0 while making that the trigger for Scene Change into itself- it would keep looping. So What I’ll do is set the Global Variable to a null value like 5 (as you stated) in the beginning of every Scene. That way, there is a value in place, and so I can still set whatever triggers to move through the stages.

Thank you! The problem has been identified and fixed.

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