Player injured animation

I have an animation called “Hurt” that when the object is in collision with “Spider”: Play animation “Hurt”


Animation “Hurt” will only play if i release a key first. If i keep holding the key it wont play.

I want the animation to just automatically play regardless of if im holding a key or not.

Any tips?

Make condition: Variable “Player_Actions” of Player = 0
and make player movement events as a sub-events.

Then make another condition (Not sub-event to first one):
Variable “Player_Actions” of Player = 1
And here make what happens to player when it take damage. Like change animation to “Hurt” and when it’s finished Do = 0 to variable “Player_Actions” of Player. Etc.

And when spider collision with Player: Do = 1 to variable “Player_Actions” of Player

It’s very easy to control different actions when you use variables.