Player movement animations only playing once

Hello all, I am making a top down adventure game, think 2d Zelda games.

I have the movement set up so the player moves in a 32x32 grid which is nice.

I have the player displaying the correct side of their body when they move, which is nice.

The only issue I have is the movement animation. If I press left, his movement animation plays to move one step left. If I press right then the animation plays to move right.

If I press the same direction twice, it only plays the animation once and then slides across the ground.

At the minute when a direction is pressed, I change the number of the animation to that direction, rotate, and set the coordinates for the grid. I have tried having the animations on loop but they just constantly walk, I have tried not having them on loop and having a play animation event.

Over all I am not certain what I need to be doing.


Could you show me the events you are using?

Make sure the animation only get set once when the key is pressed. If you set the animation whenever the key is pressed without a trigger once, it will constantly play the first frame.

If you can’t work it out and it still doesn’t animate, share a screen snip of your events (as @AndyJV requested).

See image below.


Hmmm, has something changed with GDevelop? This :

plays the animation just fine, whereas in the past it’d be stuck on the first frame.

What version of GDevelop are you using? If it’s not 5.0.123 or later, I’d suggest updating and trying again.

I only download GDev on Monday so I assume it’s recent!

I’ll try closing down and reopening it and trying again

Tried this morning, same issue. When testing, did you try to move more than once in the same direction?

Also do you have the animation on loop?


Yes, I have it on loop. And multiple keypresses in the same direction had no affect - the animation keeps playing.

Do you have any behaviours attached to the player?