Player not supposed to climb wall

So im making a platformer and there are barriers at each end of the screen so that the player doesnt walk off the platform.

But the problem is, is that im able to wall jump up the wall and get over it. I dont have ledge grabbing or anything like that enabled.

I would make it so that if the player is touching the barrier then the player cannot jump but it also happens with the side of the ground object

when using the platformer deafault controls it works fine so here is my code for my custom controls just in case

So if anyone has any ideas as to whats going on or any fixes please let me know! and thank you for reading

use instances variable (a variable for each instance)
the walls that the player can wall jump into can be false while the walls it’s allowed to wall jump into can’t be true.
so here is how it’s going to play:
if the player is in collision with the wall and the wall instance variable is false then allow wall jumping.

I hope it helped

Platformer characters can jump again when they are teleported inside a wall. By teleported, I mean moved by something that is not the Platformer behavior. It can be a flipping when the center is not at the exact center of the collision mask or forces actions.

Try to disable the flipping to check if this is the issue.


yes! this worked. but now i need to figure out how to put the point in the center. or do you know if there’s another way around this?

The points are defined here:

thanks! although i set the point right in the middle of each side of the collision but the problem still seems to be there D:

Make sure all your frames/animations for that object are the exact same size in pixels.
Use a hitbox object instead if necessary.