Player or camera view (ray)

How do i made this in gd5 ?(notice it doesn’t go through the wagon)

Remember Resident Evil 2?
They had this thing, where there was a picture, and the player moves, but when the picture has a wall, theres something that stops the player. Just search the tipe of camera of RE2 and study it. (i don’t sincerely thing this is gonna help. because you need 3D for that).

You can create a light object and add the “light obstacle” behavior to objects in the scene, as well as creating some invisible light obstacles on the sides of the cone.

Right, you can use the path finding behavior, and use the path finding obstacle as the wagon.

No, that would be completely wrong. Pathfinding searches for a route between 2 points.

What @krunkster suggested is the way to go. It’ll give the visual effect the OP is after.