Player physics issue

Hi guys,
I’m currently developping a mobile game and i have this issue. The player moves with a joypad on screen (I leave a screenshot of the code im using)

I want to apply the physics to improve the collisions, the problem occours when I add the physics code and the player doesn’t move. How can i make the player move while keeping the physics?

I’d suggest you check a few things :

  1. Make sure the action gets called the whole time the ‘joystick’ is moved. You can do this by adding a temporary text box on the screen, setting it to “” just before the event in your code snippet, and then setting it to “Working” (or whatever you like) as an extra action in the event you’ve screen snipped.
  2. Check the value of Joystick.Speed. Anything too small, and movement will be negligible and unnoticeable…
  3. Note that you aren’t using the add force for the physics behaviour.

Ok thanks MrMen for your advices I’ll check the code.