Player problemo

so uh I’m making a game and there’s no walljump mechanic but there’s this bug where the player can jump off walls

Can you give more details? What extensions are you using? Can you provide a screen shot of the movement & jump events?

uh well I’m using the platformer extension and since you cant send videos on here there’s no way of showing ya

You can record a video, upload it to a video platform and link to it.

What about the screen snip of the events?

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Which one? And what behaviour does the wall object have?

I’m assuming you mean the standard behaviour? And you achieve the effect by rapidly alternating left & right while smashing the jump button?

yup it sucks that it does that tbh

just please tell me how to fix it

I can’t replicate it. Can you try unchecking the grab ledge boxes on the player character’s behaviour, and also on the platform object?

If the wall is made up of multiple sprites, make sure they’re all lined up.

Sorry, I can’t help any further if that doesn’t do anything. Because I can’t replicate it, I can’t figure out what the issue is.

the player cant grab ledges

I have more extensions like dive and dash

That changes things a bit.

Remove all the behaviours except PlatformerObject and disable any events that reference them. Check if the issue arises. If not, add the behaviours one by one, enabling the events that reference then and checking if the issue crops up.

Initially I’d suggest only adding one behaviour at a time (along with the PlatformerObject) and removing all the others. If that doesn’t create the issue, remove them all and then add them one at a time without removing the others.