Player shakes in ascending platform

Hi guys, I have a trouble that some others have.

Player shakes between jump and idle animations when stays in a ascending platform.

I’ve seek in forum and found is not a new problem and even developers have worked in it but I don’t know if there’s already a fix or solution for this so I’m here, (if there’s a solution I apologize).


Hello! This is a very old issue that is actually resolved in the beta release (that has now migrated to full release).

You should see the update available on the updater over the next week, or you can manually download it from Github: Releases · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

Thanks! a lot! :partying_face: since now you’re my god, thanks you all, Ian4 and supporters who fixed it!

As I saw this problem had more than 5 years! and was solved just when I needed!

And sorry for bother!

Have a nice day Boss!

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