Player shares multiple scenes

Hello community,

I’m still very much in the theory stages of my game.
What I’m trying to figure out is… how a player could move out of scene#1 and into scene#2… collect coins and perhaps walk back into scene#1. If player returns to scene#2, it remembers player collected some coins???

I think this is called Persistent Layout in Construct - but how to achieve this ins GDevelop??

Thank you!!!

Use Global Variables to do something like that.

When my Player X is > 700… Change to scene 2 (But scene 2 is empty of sprites etc)

Do I have to build these every time?

Hi Mixen,

I only understand using Global variables for keeping score and lives… what about assets?

What? If you are talking about Scene 2, you need to place objects beforehand or create them using the Event Sheet.

How does it work (how does persistent layout in Construct work)?

Thanks Mixen,

I will immerse my self in to this YouTube tut > GDevelop 5 Intro to external events and global objects to get a better understanding :wink:

Player as global object - excellent!!!

I am still working on my first GD game, and was going to say, I think global objects and global variables as well as external events will do this for you.
I ended up turning any object, that will be in multiple scenes, into global objects so if I change anything about the object, it gets updated in all scenes. Also, external events will mean when you change any functions, they change for all levels that reference those functions and actions. I’m sure you will get the hang of it quickly.

To maintain objects, check out "Pause Scene and start ", and then return using “Stop the scene and return to previous”.

MrMen’s suggestion is how I would do it.

However, if you’re going across multiple scenes, you’re going to need to track an ID for each object you can collect in the level as a global variable. If the Global Variable is 1, delete them upon the start of the scene, or something similar.