Player with bug on mobile platform. Is there a solution?

Please someone help me, I have followed all the forum tutorials and found no solution. In my game there are several platforms that move vertically and increase speed over time, I have already fixed the automatic jumping animation, but the player keeps shaking on the platform, sometimes he even makes small jumps (as you can see in the GIF) . I’ve already removed all animations from the player’s sprite and even then the bug happens. Is there any solution?
(Sorry for my English)


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That’s weird. Maybe the platform moving up makes it bug out or something? idk. even if that were the case I have no idea how to fix that

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This is a known issues with vertically moving platforms. There seems to be a workaround as discussed on this thread, but for now I think we’re still waiting on a fix. Personally, I removed all vertically moving platforms from my game until a better solution is found.

Other threads on this can be found here, here, and here that might help.


I mean it wouldn’t be the same but platforms moving down don’t have that problem I don’t think

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No, this is not the problem, on all vertical mobile platforms it happens, even when the player is walking, but when I use a 120Hz refresh rate screen it does not happen (the problem is not visible), but with 60Hz happens.

wtf? that’s weird.‌‌‌

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This is not a problem, I’ve seen all these topics, changing the animations suddenly with the player on the platform is solved in my code. However, the game normally works most of the time on a 120Hz screen, it rarely gives this bug, but below that it stays with this bug all the time. The game’s minimum fps is at 30fps, I don’t understand the reason for this problem.
(Thanks anyway, for trying to help :))

do all your sprites have the same origin, size and hitbox?

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yes, they all have…

so the blue switches
share same collusion masks and share the same points are active, all 4?
thats the only thing i can think of :confused:

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in my game, 6 types of platforms are generated randomly all the time, they increase the speed over time, when the platforms are at the initial speed (not so fast) the bug is not frequent, but as the speed of the platforms increases, the bug becomes frequent and gets worse and worse. On a 60Hz screen the bug is visible all the time, however on 120Hz screens it is only visible when the platforms reach the maximum speed I set. Thanks for trying to help! :grin: