Player's Movement using Mouse

Hello! How do I make the player move based on the position of the mouse click? Like when the player clicks a specific position using the mouse, the character will teleport to that position. I only saw based on the keyboard pressed. Thank you!

Hi, this might be the answer to your question: GDevelop 5.

Btw, the example projects ( are always a good start to figure out basic mechanics.

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Thank youu!!! :blush::blush:

Btw, can I ask if you know this also?? Match System in GDevelop - #2 by Gruk I will really appreciate it also

Again, thank youuu

Hi, unfortunately I am not even slightly as familiar with the engine as Gruk and Silver-Streak.

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Maybe you can do compare X position of an object with greater than with the code off MouseX() doesnt get more simple
and in action force to go right and the same with left but an less than and go left

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thank you for the reply :blush:

Yes, thank you. I will try to do this.