Playing my List of Array in Squence

Hello eveyone! I am relatively new to GDevelop and have recently embarked on creating a quiz game by diligently following some tutorials shared on this platform. In the process, I’ve encountered a challenge that I believe requires a bit of expertise to overcome.

Specifically, I am seeking guidance on how to efficiently play through a list or array in a sequential manner, starting from the index 0 and proceeding onwards. I understand that managing arrays and their traversal can be fundamental in game development, and mastering this aspect would significantly enhance my project.

Your assistance in this matter would be immensely valuable to me. I greatly appreciate the supportive community here and the willingness to share knowledge and expertise.

Thank you sincerely for considering my request.

Hi Herato, welcome to the community!

Use the event “For each child variable (of a structure or array)”.

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Ohhh, Thank you so much :blush: :blush: :blush:. I might ask for another help if i get stuck on something else and hoping that you guys can still help me when the time comes. I will try your solution, Thanks again!!