Playing sequence of animations with timer condition

Hi, guys!

Im new here and have a problem, hope someone would help me…
I want to have 3 Idle animations in a row.

The first one (#1) is short (couple seconds of play) and I want it to repeat over and over certain amount of time, lets say 6 seconds (or make 3 loops for example).

Then, after 6 seconds are over - I want to play #2 without any loops and then #3.

Is there any way can control it nicely with timer and/or variables?
Or maybe at least someone could tell me how can I control looping of #1 without ticking loop?
It stuck after finishing on the last frame.

Didn’t find my case on the forum :frowning:

Hi RepkaG. Can you post a screenshot of what you have. Let’s see if we can get it working.

Something like this?

boolean variable play is true
    repeat 3 times
        add 1 to scene variable count
        play animation of idle1
        if animation frame of idle1 is <last frame> AND scene variable count < 3
             set frame of idle1 to 0
    if animation frame of idle1 is <last frame>
         play animation of idle2
    if animation frame of idle2 is <last frame>
         play animation of idle3

Of course you could always use wait x seconds (which is what I like to do) but it is not as accurate.

Thanks @weadsy1, @Keith_1357

I have figured out something like this which fits my needs:
Play #1 first for 6 seconds, then play #2, then randomly play #3 or #4 again and again.

Maybe you could suggest how to improve it? like make less “code” and look nicer?

Im attaching screenshot

IDK if this is what you want or if it’s much better, this is just how I might do it. Use as much or as little as you like.