Please add 8 direction sprites PLEASE

This was a feature in GD4 and for no reason has been removed from GD5. This feature was EXTREAMLY USEFUL. This helps ORGANIZATION a lot so please add this feature back.


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There was a reason. It had some issue with html game. Vote for it on trello card.
If you mean 3d (i am not sure)

what would that feature do?
was not around in GD4 times, just curious what it does.

It allowed for one animation to be “split” into 8 Directions so when programing you only had to select the one animation instead of creating events for every direction. The engine would handle the direction you were facing automatically. Saved a lot of time and helped make the coding look cleaner.

I already voted for it.

Lochraleon provided a magic math formula fix for this issue:


This is such an elegant evolution of the method shown for player controls in the isometric example.

Super useful for those of us who aren’t great at trigonometry.

That’s not the point

I’m sorry that you feel that way. That said, your options at this juncture are:

  1. Wait for someone to want to work on the feature request
  2. Use the math formula above for enemies or the formula in the Isometric game example, to accommodate what you’re looking for right now by labeling your animations 1-8 or 0-7.

Hopefully the above will at least help you with #2 while you wait for #1.

thanks you so much for this.
i have been looking for this for a year now!

Its not about the enemies its about the player character

Yes, the above formula can work for the player character, too. You can see something very similar in action with the built in Isometric game example.

You can also view that example here:

if you use this method be aware that if there is no direction pressed (aka no movement)
the angles upward will be set to negative values.
Here my report: