TopDownMovement::Angle() bug?

When i move the character in an angle greater than 180, the angle adds up in positive values,
upleft = 225
up = 270
upright = 315

however, if i stop moving, the angle turns into negative values
upleft = - 135
up = - 90
upright = -45

i can work around this, but is this intended?

because of this i need to work with conditions to change the animation, which cost performance.

I guess it’s something like:
if angle >180 subtract 360.
Probably to fix a bug raised by someone else. :sweat_smile:

working around it is no issue, but i do have to use conditions.

i would prefer to have it as actions only.

alternatively i could store the last directional input in a variable and use it instead. I think i´ll need it anyway.

I didn’t know that! It can be an advantage but for that, it’s important to know this point.

Do you have read a post about that?

Have I read that? Maybe.
Do I remember any of it? No. :grin:
Feel free to browse the github (and source code).