Please advice - is this workflow feasible?

Dear all, I am looking to create a 2D game in GDevelop.
I will engage freelancers to create the game, music, art, etc.
In terms of the overall project workflow sequence, i have the following idea:

(1) First create the entire game, using temporary assets (free assets, or other game’s assets). Meaning a working game from A-Z, but using borrowed assets.

(2) Once the above game plays well and looks good, then I know what type of assets i need. (sprites, enemies, effects, sounds, music, etc)
So now, i engage the relevent artists to create said assets.

(3) Once having the finalized assets, now work on replacing the temporary assets with the final assets.

In your opinion, is this a good idea? Please share your thoughts and advice.
Thank you so much.

Hi, I am just a hobbyist and I have no own experience in doing a project as the one you are planning. But as a frequent reader of various blogs and forums related to gamedev, I would say this is the workflow that is widely recommended.

For prototyping and early stages of your game placeholder art is recommended. Only after the core mechanics of the game and the general theme is set, the creation of the actual art should start.

I guess for devs with a strong background in art and with a specific genre in mind the workflow could be different (e.g. for visual novels) but especially in case you are comissioning the art, you probaly don’t want to buy assets and throw them away later because the direction of your game changed.


Probably that work will include some changing in colision masks, points of sprites and other little things in your game, not just replace the assets. I believe temporary sprites and new sprites will not have exactly the same proportions. Maybe thats not will be a perfect change and this may interfere in your game or not. For example, I’m doing a game with pixel art. Some little changes can drastically change the gameplay. Some enemies can’t hit the player when he stay on platform because they don’t have height enough for this. But if I change the sprite with more 2 or 3 pixels they will overlapping the player and will be weird they don’t colision with him.

Thank you so much for your advice

I see, thank you very much for your advice