Please help . i have a huge problem

My computer crashed while i was working on my game … i was saving every 15 mins … now i restarted my computer and tried to open the project again .
and a message comes out that says :

" unable to read this project . please try again later or with another save of the project "

I tried to open it with gdevelop 4 … it opens but nothing is there , no scene , no images , nothing …
I can’t believe this is happening … please if anyone knows anything i’m waiting … this project i have been working on for 4 months … this can’t happen .

I have another save but it’s 10 hours earlier … i did so much work .

Hello, dont you have a file with “.autosave” extension in the folder ?

Kink I do but it’s too old .

Auto save file size : 2.74 mb

game.json size (the one i was working on) : 4.34 mb

Give me both saves in a PM, I can check if it has a small writing error or is totally corrupted.

I fixed it … well not really
But i spend another 5 hours doing what i was doing all day … and now the progress is back in the project and better .

Bad day but it’s okay now … thank you for your help .