Please help, something weird happened to the editor

I was editing like normal, when all of a sudden, two weird effects just got “applied” out of nowhere.

First of all, this happens:


Whenever I click on an object, the image of it grows big and starts shaking, then I can’t drag it or do anything with it until I release the mouse button and press it again.

Another thing that got enabled that I don’t like is that I’m no longer able to move/drag actions or events up or down.

Please help!

That doesn’t happen to me.
So which GD version and which OS/browser are you using?
Have you tried reinstalling GD?

That is GDevelop’s small touchscreen mode, intended for use on mobile. Did you use GDevelop on a smartphone or resize your editor window to a very small size?

I’m using the GDevelop 5 app on a touchscreen laptop, but it hasn’t been doing this until recently while I was in the middle of editing

It happens once you touch the screen in the editor. Exit GDevelop and go back in, as it also prevents you from dragging events, conditions and actions around.

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