Please help the gui is not visible

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How do I…

I’m trying to keep the UI on the screen

What is the expected result

UI should stay on the screen

What is the actual result

when I change the layer of the UI to the top layer the UI turns invisible
and if I change it to the base layer (which is were the camera is) it wont move with the camera

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Make sure the top left of the UI is at 0,0.

There a large rectangle on the screen when you first start the editor. make sure the UI fits in that. Anything outside that will be off the screen when you preview it.

ok thanks for the help, I figured it out the problem it was that the UI layer had no camera.

I don’t understand what you mean by that. All layers have a camera. Do you mean yo put the UI elements elsewhere other than where I said, and moved the camera to those UI elements?