Please, Help with scene change

I Have a problem, Have a Menu with Start game, you hit the buton and go to the scene game, when the player die, after 3 second the scene change to Menu again, but when this happen, the Start buton don’t work anymore.
The Menu scene, don’t restart

I print the events,

Thanks for any help.

So there aren’t global variables that could cause it?
All I can think right now is that there’s a bug and the “GameOver” timer is not reset when the scene is reloaded. Try to reset and pause the “GameOver” timer just before going back to the Menu scene.

EDIT: I’ve noticed that both actions to change the scene go to the “Main” scene, none of them go to “Menu” :confused:

Ops, my mistake when i change thinks and print the screen, but the Game Over change to “Menu” Scene :unamused:

If the start button works only once, then something is different from the first time; for example, is the variable (not just the timer) “GameOver” being restored to 0 (or any other value you use as “no”; guess you’re using 0=“no” and 1=“yes”, as a boolean) when the game it’s back to the menu?

I will try the changes and go back here, i use a lot of tutorials, because i not a programmer, thas why i have some problems,

thanks for the help for now


I try the solution, but i not good with variables.

sometimes i have a diferent problem, after the 3 secons of the Game Over, the Menu screen just blink and go to the Game Screen, this issues only happen with the .APK version

Someone have a example for tutorial? i guess is a normal thing to do

Honestly, I don’t have idea how to help you if I’m not seeing all the events. Send me your project via PM, I’ll check it.

Hi, you want the json file? i don’t know how to sent to you via PM.

Well, i don’t know what to do to fix ,

if someone have a screen with butons working in a mobile and want to share, maybe will help.