Please help with the quiz game mechanic

Hello my Name Is Alex.
(I myself do not understand anything in programming yet, so sorry for the newbie’s questions.)
I ask someone to help with the creation of a quiz game.
Or rather, the ability to interact with Items (for example, open Doors, Chests, pick up Weapons, First Aid Kits) using answers to the Test task.
I need at least advice, but rather an example of program code.
Especially - how to make it possible to enter words (questions and answers to them) as in the game itself, so and in the Main Menu,
and / or by entering these words into some text file, .docx or maybe .XLS…
from where the game program will extract them.
I would be very grateful for the help, advice or even just a hint)

Hi alex, i don’t know if you have finded it or not but for start to understand how Gdevelop work you can simple follow the wiki where there are a lot of tutorials:

On the left menu you can find tutorials and all the info about the engine and how it works.

O, TU very match, but i am alredy reading it wright now, and yesterday. But English not my native language, so i dont undestend anything. And it will be great luck for me< if someone will tell me< whot to do with my quiz problem. I need it to learn spanish)