Please make tiled object animate-able

Without animations games looks so static. Yes I can use sprite objects. But animate-able tiled object will be so helpful.

  1. Either make tiled object animate-able or
  2. Give ability to sprite objects to act like titled object. (I mean repeating over an area)
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@bouh please have a look on this.

I don’t understand what you mean, and your screenshot doesn’t explain much.

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Same as Gruk
Can you explain more about your request ?

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@Gruk, @Bouh
Yes, that’s right screenshot can’t explain. But ti’s simple I just want to animate this object type:
“Tiled Sprite”

Just like “Sprite” object I also want to add frame by frame animation to tiled object and I also want that object to be repeated over an area.

Can you give an example of an animation of a tiled sprite? :thinking:

Guys it is really not that difficult, you are killing him :joy:
Imagine you are in a cave and you might have crystals in the walls of the cave and you might want those crystals to gleam to make the scene alive, to be not static. Or a lava flow that is animating, glowing and that sort of things. It is can be done with sprites or even particles maybe but he is asking for to be able to add animations even to tiled sprites and make them animate similar to sprite objects.
Imagine something like this using tiled sprite:


Thanks @ddabrahim :relaxed:

I add this to the roadmap, maybe one day a developer will develop this, it seems legit to have it in GD.