png Image sequence size compressor?

I know this is a place to ask questions about gdevelop. But when I am making a game in gdevelop i need to optimize the size of the game. So is there any image sequence compressor software for png out there for free? when I render out of blender it doesn’t do a good job in compressing the file size.

Try some png optimizer softwares/websites, most of the softwares are keeping bits informations of transparent pixel in 32 bits, removing them can really drop down the file sizes (it can also be done manully but it’s boring).

I use a Linux tool called trimage image compressor. It can reduce from 12% to 29%( these are the values that I get usualy…)
The good news it that you can find it for MacOs and Windows too.

This is the website:

And it works with batch process too.
Good luck there!

Be aware that SFML (used by native games and the editor) doesn’t support 8 bits PNGs (so deactivate this compression feature if needed).

Yes! I had this problem and now I am rendering all images again.
For HTML5 games 8 bit and indexed imagens works fine, but for native games… no.

But do it after having exported the game because it will not work in the editor (at least on the scene editor because it uses SFML).

What is SFML and how do I deactivate it. But it is working great here!!!

SFML is “Fast and Simple Multimedia library”, see :

If you are making a HTML 5 game, then you don’t use SFML, but if you are making a native game, SFML is used for compilation into .exe file.

But take care : HTML 5 projects don’t handle every Gdevelop extension.

I am making on a native platform and it’s working great.

After several test for my own project, definitively the best place to compress png lossless is this one :