Pointing to incorrect Behaviour Type (in custom behavior)

The issue
For the same Action (coded in a custom behaviour), when a parameter is an object with a behaviour (using the “Behaviour( for the previous object)” choice on the “Function configuration / Parameters” Screen ), it behaves differently when called from the event sheet, and another costum behaviour.

When called from the even sheet, the correct behaviour name is displayed in the “Behaviour” dialog on the action editor. And the action works.

When called from a custom behaviour, it is the parameter name which is displayed in the “Behaviour” dialog. And the action fails.

However, when renaming the parameter with the name of the behaviour, it works correctly.

Expected behaviour
I suppose that even when called from a behaviour, the “Behaviour” reference should be the one we picked, not the parameter name.

I don’t know if this is the issue but parameters don’t update when you rename them. It seems to be the same for behaviors. I tested it and my condition didn’t work after a name change but if I opened the condition inside the extension that referenced the behavior and closed it then it worked.it must automatically refresh the reference.

I have noticed that issue too. But I suspect it to be a different problem.

There’s another weird bug where behaviors sort by name. In one case someone was using a custom behavior and the behavior’s name was making it sort before or after the drag behavior. In this case, the behavior caused it to be sorted in the behavior list differently.

The position of the behavior was causing the draggable behaviors actions to work like post events instead of pre-events or vice versa. It was weird.