Points deselect is not working

as you can see in the GIF, if you press on the X point and change it to any number (ex: 33) and then try to drag and drop the point in the editor, the point Y number is going to change because it’s not selected but the point X will never get changed unless you press somewhere in the white area of the box to deselect.

In this GIF, showing you how the X never changes if you didn’t deselect it (by pressing in the white area).

A fix in my opinion would be:
if the user pressed in the editor (the sprite points area)
if the user pressed on the points

In both cases, it should auto deselect the number and focus on the editor.

Thanks for this detailed report!
It will be fixed in the next version. It was due to a fix for another bug, so I fixed the underlying bug properly.

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