Poisoned character

I have created an enemy that throws poison and that my character is poisoned, but I want my character to lose 20 life every 5 seconds, also that the speed drops to a certain time and that my character changes to purple, could you tell me the events that needed?


for the conditions put collision with posion and player and trigger once well true. for the action start or reset a timer and set a poisoned variable to one and change the animation of the player to the purple one. then in another event check if the timer is over 5 seconds. in the events remove 20 from the players health and reset the timer. now in another event check if the poisoned variable is equal to 1. if it is then change the players max speed (theres an action for this in with the platformer behavior actions). Hope this helps

thanks, but about the color change, there is no event to change the color, I don’t have the animation of my character with the color change.

Global color under sprite conditions, or you’d have to make the animation.

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