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Hi to all… Someone can help me to policy privacy??? where i put it??? for play store just give a external link or need put in app?
tnk in advanced

There is a field where you can enter the external link to your privacy policy.

tnk you… have some example ?? about what i type inside a policy privacy?

No because each one is different.
Also it is important to be accurate and honest about what data the game collects.

yeah sure… tnk
but i ask a copy for take example cause have no idea what i put inside

get a few apps & games on the play store and read their privacy policies
also you should know what data your game collects

tnk good idea!!! i try now

Same problem here. Does gdevelop collect data by default?
Could you share the link of your privacy policy, please?

Games sends one request for analytics in every game 10 seconds after the game started (allowing you to get the analytics from the game dashboard). It contains a unique player ID, the game’s ID, the platform the game runs on (android, windows…), the URL to the game, and the game version. The unique player id is not used to track the player, only to be able to know the number of unique players. All the data is aggregated, meaning it is not linked to the unique IDs, we can see for example how many users are on Android but not what users exactly nor what other attributes those users have. The data is only available to the creator of the game and the GDevelop company, it is not shared with anyone else.

The privacy policy can be found here: Privacy Policy | GDevelop
But it only talks about GDevelop itself (the IDE), not GDevelop games.

GDevelop games have some native (anonymized) metric data feed back to a central server, but you can disable that by using the “Enable (or disable) metrics collection” action at the start of your opening scene.



Google asks me these 3 questions, what I have to answer? (YES or NO)

  1. Does the app collect or share one or more of the requested types of user data?
    Provide information for Google Play's Data safety section - Play Console Help
  2. Is all user data collected by your app encrypted in transit?
  3. Do you offer a way for users to request deletion of their data?

I think this was more questions for you, as a game developer, are you collecting user data in your game?

But as you ask, the game engine collect some basic and anonymous data:

In the open-source code of the engine there is this important message:

        // It's important to ensure that the data sent here does not contain
        // any personal information from the player or that would allow to
        // precisely identify someone.
        **gameId** an ID like: d1c3135c-3e83-4e86-ab22-ze4zt9d19f36f
        **playerId** an ID like d1c3135c-3e83-4e86-ab22-ze4zt9d19f36f
        **name**: the game name
        **packageName**: the package game name
        **version**: like 1.0.0
        **location**: the link where is played the current game
        **isCordova**: true/false
        **devicePlatform**: mobile/pc
        **navigatorPlatform**: your navigator type chrome, firefox, etc...
        **hasTouch**: a number of touch point possible on your devices
  1. Is all user data collected by your app encrypted in transit?

Yes HTTPS is used.

  1. Do you offer a way for users to request deletion of their data?

Yes, hello[at]gdevelop.io

Are you sure? I’m 99.99% sure that the data is aggregated and anonymized, making it impossible to know what numbers come from who, making deleting the numbers coming from one specific person impossible.

Technically, a user is not identified by a name, but by an ID, and if you know your ID, we can delete the data, even if it is anonymous.
But let’s face it, it’s useless since it’s anonymous.
It’s that in principle we can do it.

Separately, if you do not use GDevelop’s analytics, you can also just disable them with the event I Mentioned above. Then any data you’re collecting is entirely up to you (the game dev) and you know what answers to give Google (since you’re the one collecting the data)

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