Poor performance on iOS devices

Hello! On the Iphone 12 pro, in the Safari browser, the performance in the game is 20 fps. On older Android devices 50 fps. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Safari is known to cause issues, unfortunately.
If you use layer/object effects, try disabling them, I know that some of them are troublesome.

Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately , low fps appears on other browsers as well . Disabling the effects didn’t help either. Gdevelop is a great program. That’s her only problem)

Which version of iOS/GDevelop are you using? A while back there was a problem on mobile Safari because of an issue with Pixi that caused extreme lag and low frame rates. But the newer versions of GDevelop updated Pixi and fixed it.

Make sure you’re using the latest versions of both GDevelop and iOS.

I am using ios 16 and gdevelop 5.1.147. The newest versions. I might have thought I did something wrong. But on android smartphones, the game runs fast and smoothly.

Can you check some of our example projects, see if you get the same issues?

Yes, of course! Thank you for your attention to my problem.

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