Pop up overlay on a scene

Hello, I’m very new to game design. I’m building my first game and I was wondering if there was a way to have the player click on something that would open a window where they could click on some buttons and then close the window.

You have to create another layer and make all sprites for Popup and Text and keep it in that new layer that you just created. Now:
At the beginning of the scene
Hide the Popup Layer

If Player is doing something you want
Show the Popup Layer

If The cursor or touch is on PopupButton1 and Left Mouse Button is Pressed and Layer: Use one of these (PopupButton.Layer() or PopupLayer) is visible then
Do some action.

If the cursor or touch is on ClosePopup then
Hide the PopupLayer

There is never a way to implement popups (don’t know about other Engines but in GDevelop), its just you have to do some stuffs to create an illusion that the popup is real when it is mixture of sprites and texts, etc.

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Another thing. To get some 0 to 100% size animation, something like this:
where the Main text or Label or whatever we call it, the Text where my Game’s Name was written, to get animation like that, use tweens. It gives you some smooth and nice animation and animation for nice transitions.

Here I made an example of the most basic pop up you ever seen

You should probably add a tween to the objects so get a nice show and hide

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Thank you so much, this is very helpful!

This is amazing and incredibly helpful! Thank you so much!