Okay, so I’m very happy with my progression in making portals. I’ve learned that you must teleport the character from Portal to Portal using it’s coordinates. How would I find the coordinates, though? Thanks :confused:

If your teleport objects are called “Teleport”, the expression to get the X position of this object is:


For example, with the left click you create a TeleportA object, and with right click you create a TeleportB object, then you can do:

Conditions: Player collides with TeleportA Actions: Do = TeleportB.X(); TeleportB.Y() to the position of Player

You can do the same for the TeleportB, and move to TeleportA, but the player will keep teleporting from A to B, of course there are ways to avoid it, for example teleporting outside the other portal, so the player doesn’t collide with the out portal.

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