Position Object with Points

I’m trying to position these buttons to a point on these other object and the origins of the buttons are getting in the way but if I move the origin then the hit box is messed up, how do I make it to were a point on the button(That I make) lines up with the point on the other object(That I also make)?

Why do you have a hitbox on a button? Use hitboxes for playing, movable objects, not for interactive UI objects.

There are a couple of ways you can deal with it :

  1. Get rid of the hitbox and change the origin of the button as you did earlier. If there absolutely must be a hitbox with the button, then change the hitbox’s origin too (I suspect there’ll be a few who grimace at this practice).

  2. Move the points on the other object that the button lines up with, to allow for the button’s size or position of origin.