Position of enemy heathbar when rotating the enemy

Can someone help me pls?

I’m working on a top down zombie shooter but I have a problem.
I have a working enemy health bar, But when my enemy rotates toward the player my enemy healthbar kinda follows the rotation so it isn’t in place anymore. Does someone know a fix for this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Can you take a Events Screenshot, please, but based on what you’ve said, the health event is inside the enemy’s rotate event!

You need to unbind the enemy’s health bar BEFORE the rotation! Being bound will “follow” you.

There are more experts than me, since I’m still a novice, but I think they would tell you that you can also perform the rotation with a boolean value… (Don’t pay much attention to the latter, I’m a novice)

Unlink (the health bar and enemy before the rotation)