Possibility to disable/enable auto collision masks

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As the title say, please add a switch in the preference to switch the auto collision mask On/Off by default for every object I import/create in piskle or imported from the assets store.

I just don’t want this auto collision for my sprites.
In my opinion, by default, it should be Off, and whoever want to turn it on, must go to the preference and hit the switch.

The feature is good for some sprites that require auto collision, in that case i get into the sprite and hit the Auto collision button, but having that by default for every sprite i import is a nightmare.

Hello @VegeTato
We appreciate your feedback.
The implementation for auto collision masks exists to focus on writing the logic of the game before starting to fine tune art and collision masks.
The way the masks are calculated is specific to each object’s animations and since some art is somehow irregular (aka its visual balance changes depending of the animation), the system has to make some math to go for an average zone for the mask.

The old version of collision masks just had a square that could take all the space of the png (including the empty space around the image) which didn’t help on visual collision accuracy (users had to fine tune it by hand too). This is why we expect this new generation of auto collision mask - if not perfect - would save at least a little less work that its predecesor.

With all that being said, I’d like to know how you work so we can understand the underlying reason of your demand.
Could you please explain (pictures and videos are appreciated):

  1. Did you always keep the old big collision mask square of the object or did you have to fine-tune it by hand too?
  2. Which are the extra steps that you have to make with this new collision mask that makes you say is less efficient that its predecesor?

Thank you for your input!

Hello @Luni :wave: Thanks for the response.

1- I want to mention that the new auto collision mask is bugged for importing sprites, which mean, I have to open every sprite I import and remove the auto collision and set it back to normal in order to get a collision for my sprite.

2- I understand your point that it make less work for some users, but It’s not always the case, for example my sprite (Floating apple), the collision height doesn’t make any sense, I don’t want the collision height to fit the first frame of the apple animation, because it is floating which mean the next frame’s collisions is not correct.
• Not to mention that collision in collectable objects in the games must be big on purpose, to make them easily pick able by the player.

3- Most of the assets, have their characters on the bottom of the canvas, because they know how game developers use these assets, so in this case, the auto collision will just change my sprite width collision, which is something I don’t want anyone else to control except me, because this will tell how the collisions will happen in the game. For me, I always make all my sprites/draw have the same canvas size that I want the collision to detect without removing the transparent part.

Adding a simple Toggle On/Off to the preferences will make everyone happy.

Note: .mp4 is not supported in forum, so I couldn’t provide any video(I used GitHub for video).

Thank you for your answer!

I see that we didn’t noticed your bug report on GitHub (it has now been acknowledged and will be addressed). Thank you for mentioning it again!

  • I see what you’re saying with the floating apple example. You might want to have a collision mask that will always follow the graphic and not the empty space. Do you do this nitpicking fixes while you’re prototyping, or until you know that the art is final and it won’t be changed?
  • For collectable objects, yes. The size of their automatic collision mask was discussed. There are some human / machine interaction laws that define a minimum size click zone (so human can target, and interact with them). These calculation have to be acknowledged too.
  • For asset width and preparation, that is an interesting one. I’ve tagged you on the general channel on Discord because I saw other 2 users having similar interactions to your report, so I’ll make a group directly there.

Read you on Discord!

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