Possibility to modify the type of event

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My suggestion is that we can change the current event to another type of event. Something like this:

I believe it would be more practical to be able to swap events instead of creating new ones and passing all child events to them. Also in my case, sometimes I need to “test” the “repeat for each instance” event, because I still have a little difficulty knowing when to use it. And as the ideal is to avoid it due to performance, I do many of tests before to use it changing the events.


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Sounds interesting, but how do you convert a “repeat 10 times” to a standard event? Just dismiss the 10? Same for the “for each” types?

Yup. My idea was to discard the specific previous information since the other event type will work in a different way. It would only keep the conditions, actions and child events.

So, the “repeat X times” or “repeat for each object…” would just disappear.
But now you asked I was wondering about the “While” event… removing the “Repeat these” part and leaving just “While the conditions are true” can be confusing. Or unite both in one event can be confused too. Perhaps it would be better not to consider this type of event for exchange.

I was about to make exact same feature request but seems you did come up with it 1st

So bottom line look at this

What if that would be normal/regular event
And i need to check if it would work as repeat for each
Because as normal/regular event it does not work as i want it to

I need to manually move 3 conditions and ALL sub events i created there to new event type i created
What if i could just switch parent event to For each object event?
Just as OP suggest to change type of event?

Or maybe i did what i have on screenshot
I made For each object event and now i want to try that as normal event
Again i need to move all that crap manually to new normal event
What if i could change For each object event into normal event just by right clicking and choosing change to?

That would be time saver
And same goes for changing it to other types of events

And that is just 3 conditions and 1 subevent on this screenshot

What if i would have 8 conditions and 10 sub events
And i bet some ppl have even more
So i say that kind of feature would be useful

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