Possible to Compile into .gg or .sms file?

Hello all!

I’ve been looking into the prospect of making a dream of mine become a reality… create a Ninja Turtles game for the Sega Game Gear. Initially, I felt the easiest way to do that was to alter the sprites in a ROM like Streets of Rage 2 (similar mod done on the Genesis game). I ran into an issue with encryption and the sprites were almost entirely scrambled.

That was almost a year ago and now I’ve come to the conclusion that if I can’t mod an existing ROM to have the Turtles in it, then I may end up starting from scratch and creating an 8bit Turtles game that could have been played on a Game Gear.

That brings me to my question. Using GDevelop… is it possible to compile or port a compiled file into either a .gg or .sms file? Those are ROM files that can be played using the Game Gear on an Everdrive cart.

I appreciate any help. Thanks for your time.

Sorry to break your dreams, but it will probably not be possible. GDevelop produces js code, and this requires a complete browser, Wich old consoles (and pretty much all consoles) don’t have. There is still a small chance tho. GDevelop 4 native uses c++ Wich is more likely compilable for consoles. Search on the web for c++ compilers for this console. For example on 3ds you would need Devkitpro (doesn’t sound like what it actually is I know). Then, most difficult part, you would need to find a complete port of sfml to this Compiler. And the Compiler needs to actually be a c++ compiler, not just c. If you find all of this then there is a chance it might work.

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I appreciate the quick response. I’ll start doing some research on your suggestion.