Possible to render multiple cameras at once?

I was asking around about this in April, but the “feature” was not there yet. I’ve been trying to find an answer but have not gotten a clear one yet. Anyone know anything about this? Any info appreciated

Edit: (snipped as Arthuro may have done what was previously thought impossible below. :smiley: )

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Like that? It only takes 2 events, here’s the project file.


@arthuro555 I thought you dropped work on the extension because the renderer forced culling?

The only work I’ve dropped about that was my old viewport object PR that I abandoned because it was written in JS and the codebase had moved to TS, in addition to bugs being there that I did not know how to solve. This extension is fairly more recent, I had originally made it to convert shape painter drawings into more performant sprites but tweaked it a bit to tell the engine to recompute culling before rendering.


These news made my day, thank you