Post processing in GDevelop like unity game engine

I tried using the effects in layers but things are not the way i’d like it. In Unity, there’s this option i can turn on and adjust and its called “Post Processing”.

According to medium, The so called post-processing is the process of applying filters and effects on an image of a game! In this process the game renderizes its images, however before it is sent to the monitor another rendering process will occur about the original image, then a lot of effects and filters will be applied directly on it. GDevelop has that in effects options in layers but is nothing similar to untiy. On unity its way better from there but i can’t install unity because it takes 16 hours to install according to google.

What is post processing used from in unity?

As it is a graphic option, this process is used to contribute with the game’s visual, allowing the developers to make the game as close as it was thought, for example, the post-processing changes the game appearing, so it looks like a cartoon or even a realistic frame. Here comes an example of one among millions of effects that can be used depending on the kind of your project.

Click the link below to see how post processing is:
Unity 5 Tutorial — Lighting and Post Processing Low Poly Scene

Thanks for reading, this all i can cover :3

Thank you for this request, but I am afraid it isn’t enough for the development team to do anything with.

What you are talking about here is shaders, which are what layer effects are. Saying it isn’t the same as unity and that unity is better isn’t really a constructive comment. If you want something from the system in unity, you are welcome to do a feature request requesting that aspect (new effect in particular, specific new way of customizing an effect etc), but just saying “I want you to make it better” doesn’t really help the devs knowing what you want :wink:

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Ok, thx for replying

Post processing and shader are almost the same thing.

Actually GDevelop has layers effects (= to shader and Post processing ) only on layers.
(in the future this will possible to be apply on objects)

For the post processing, in GDevelop it’s mendatory to use effects on each layer, if one day the real Post processing come in GD this will be as a new layer, the “final layer” or the “rendering layer”, the layer where all the other layer are included, this will be represent the image of your game just before the rendering process. And over it we will be possible to apply an effect. This will be how the post processing will works in GD.

@arthuro555 if I say no nonsense there is already a global pixi container that could do that?

Just wondering if what you really mean is not full screen effects but applying masks and blend modes on sprites, something like this?

It is something I was asking for ages to create fake lights for example.